Moving UK to Czech- specific questions
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Moving from UK to Continental Europe (Brno, Czech Republic). Tech and money advice greatly appreciated! More inside

Moving at start of July from UK to Brno in the Czech Republic to live (and hopefully work, wife Czech and has a job set up for herself). Few questions that I'd appreciate any input on...

Mortgage and money; been told that Czech banks are rip offs in comparison to UK, is it worthwhile to get quotes for mortgages from UK banks, must I get a Czech bank account for work and bills and if so any recommendations?

UK DAB (digital) radio will this work now or anytime soon or is this a UK only technology?

Wireless Broadband Router, on the off chance that I can get high speed internet access would this work or different protocols etc.

Brno; any experiences/recommendations?

Answers to any of these questions much appreciated!
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I can't help with much except to highlight one of the great works of 20th century architecture: Villa Tugendhat.
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DAB is standard across Europe. They've just started doing it in the Czech Republic.

The network part of your broadband router will work fine. If it has a DSL modem built-in (ie connects directly to a phone line), those are fairly standard internationally, but I've no idea if they use the standard over there.
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I have nothing practically relevant to add, but there's an impossible-to-find but very much worth-the-hour-of-searching bar called Charlie's Hat near the center. I've also had the best unpasteurized beer (is there another name for it?) in Brno. Na zdravi.
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Listening to Czech radio might not be your idea of fun, so you could get a Sky Free to View system to use in the Republic. You'll be able to listen to all the BBC channels and many UK commercial stations for free. I'm reasonably sure the Czech Republic will be covered by Astra's footprint, but you may want to double czech.
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Lucky you!
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Thanks for the tech advice, good wishes and Brno recommendations. Na zdravi!
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