Help me make a flip-flop charm entirely out of beads!
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My mother received a cute flip-flop beadwork craft as a gift and will give me a whole dollar (ooh, ahh) if I found out how to make it or found instructions that make sense.

The craft is a little flip-flop charm made of tiny beads and fishing line.

Pictures of the flip-flop can be found here:

I can't give you my dollar if you find me instructions, but you will receive my (and my mother's) ultimate gratitude!
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You could probably find a pattern along the right lines here. I googled for "beadwork charm pattern". It would definitely fall under beadwork and/or jewellery-making if you were at a craft store.
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nope, looked there and didn't find it
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The stitch is known as right angle weave with some additional embellishment. Basic instructions here and here
And here's the master of right angle weave
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