Snap Crackle and even some pop on Sky+
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UK Sky Digital question. I've got Sky+, and increasingly the sound is very poor, static is the best description, with some crackles & loud pops'. Any ideas?
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How long has this been happening? I don't have Sky+, but yesterday and today audio on Sky channels has been turning to static and hissing/crackling for some reason. First time I've had any problems f that nature in the 10 years I've had Sky.
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Could it be the weather? I've had regular Sky Digital for a few years and whenever we have hot, humid weather, the picture always goes to crap and freezes when changing channels.

Oh, and whenever it rains too. I note Digit Al is not mentioning these things when he tells us all to go digital by 2010.
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If the picture isn't breaking up at the same time it's probably a fault with your box's audio chip, your cables or your TV. Make sure everthing's plugged in probably, then get your box replaced.
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Cheers for the responses so far

Been happening for the last couple of weeks. What was wierd last night was the fact that it got very crackly during a film I'd recorded about weeks ago.

Don't think it's the TV as analogue is fine, only happening on sky
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so you don't have any picture breakup at all?

if not, as said above, it's probably a hardward fault

if so, you probably need your dish realigned
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