Help Me Dress Like I'm Hip and Emo
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I'm looking for a bunch of really hip and (sorry I have to use this word) indie clothes and apparel stores that have a web presence.

These are kind of the sites I'm talking about. What I don't want is sites like T-Shirt Hell or Busted
Tees. No college frat boy crap, nothing too cute or funny. The more abstract and (here comes another one) artistic the better. Any ideas?
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I was about to reccomend threadless for t-shirts. Sometimes jokey, but often quite beautiful. Check out etsy, too, for something handmade... can't get more indie than that.

I'd say vintage from ebay, too.
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You might want to check out Oddica.. they're not running their fabulous deal of 4 shirts for 40 bucks anymore, but they have some pretty excellent designs.
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I'm a girl, so unfortunately a lot of the awesome indie boutiques I have in my bookmarks (handbags! necklaces!) probably aren't up your alley. But here are a couple:

Guyshop is a conglomeration of indieish designers. They have thirteen pages of tees alone, plus some other nice clothes. Try Altru and Drifter for starters, or just search Tops: tees & tanks.

I personally am a fan of Hopeful Monsters. I've always liked their stuff, and it's a small shop, so they might be willing to customize a shirt for you (say, if you wanted one of the prints that come only in women's sizes on a men's shirt).

You can try browsing tees on Etsy, and again, people might be more likely to customize for you.

Also see: Heavy Tees, Crowded Teeth, Beautiful Decay, Camiseteria (in Portuguese), Go Ape Shirts, White Frog, Goto&Play (French), Medium Control, La Fraise, SprayGraphic, and Funkrush. That should keep you busy for some time.
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Reckon can help you out. And they're fellow Texans.
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Defunker are very simmilar to Busted Tees but with less fratness and more abstractness.
posted by Serial Killer Slumber Party at 8:14 PM on June 10, 2006 is about as indy as you're going to get. All the shirts are designed and hand made by the owner. He's very talented and very cool. I don't know him well but our kids were in the same daycare, my other friend's store sold his stuff in my hometown, and I know most of his models from my wilder days. Definately worth a look at least.
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Scratch that, still indie but he seems to have added some other artists in the past year. Still excellent stuff.
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I would assume that you've already looked at Urban Outfitters?
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I second Zeroboutique. Unfortunately most of the shirts I bought from there are either too small or got messed up one way or another (the woes of using bleach), but this thread reminded me that I should check out the current collection. So, I guess thanks for that.
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