Help me find text of a monologue from 'Angels in America.
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I'm looking for the text of a monologue from 'Angels in America.' [more inside]

I would like to read again the lines of the Angel when she first appears to Prior Walter in his apartment. I've looked for an online source of quotes or the script itself, but haven't come across them. I would hate buying the play out right, when I'm only interested in reading that single section. Something about the lines captured my attention, and I'd just really like to read it again at my leisure. If anyone knows where I could find this, I'd be grateful. Thanks.
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Is it on Amazon? You may be able to click on the "look inside feature." At the very beginning of the book, I found a really long monologue, which ended with "Prior" saying "Go away."

I gotta be honest: I'm not familiar with the work at all. Just thought I'd take a stab at it.
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Mmm. Thanks for the tip, but it didn't have her speech.
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A good library, perhaps?
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Terrible impulse control. Was hoping to read it right now. But that is a solution.
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Look up, look up,
Prepare the way
the infinite descent
A breath in air
floating down
Glory to...

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That's the beginning of it.
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That's the tail end of scene 7, act I - no more Voice after that until the end of scene 6, act II, in Prior's hospital room. e.g., ..." I am a nightbird. I am a messenger...."

Does that make sense?
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Blah. I'm going by the version I saw on HBO. I guess they monkeyed around with it. Thanks for the help.
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maybe one of these has it?
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Is this it? From The Monologue Database.
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I bet the whole thing is on bittorrent or kazaa by now if the HBO version will suffice.
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