How do I deal with an painful pubic bone?
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[PregnancyFilter] My pubic bone really, really hurts!

I am about 34 weeks pregnant, and in the last week or so my pubic bone has become very tender and sore. How sore? It hurts the same way that a fractured bone does while it is healing. It aches, throbs and makes walking around or being on my feet for any length of time really uncomfortable and difficult. I'm pretty sure that it's due to my pelvis begining to loosen up in preparation for childbirth. My question is, what can I do to alleviate the pain?
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Tylenol. Gentle stretching. Sitting in a modified lotus position. A lukewarm bath. Crying. Ice cream.

I'm so, so sorry. If it gets really excruciating, let your doctor or midwife know, but when I had this, it was very much a "well, that's pregnancy" kind of problem.
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Don't take *anything* for pain without calling your physician, first. (My OB wouldn't let me take Tylenol). Try different positions. Lukewarm bath might help. Call your dr's office and speak with someone there for suggestions. They deal with this every day.
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I had to wear one of those support belts for the last few weeks of my second pregnancy to keep the little bugger from somersaulting into breech position again. It had the added benefit of making my back, pelvis, and ligaments feel *much* better. They are about $30 or $40 and worth every penny.

Swimming (or any other time spent in water) will take pressure off your joints. If you are approved for light exercise, pregnancy yoga might help, too. Good luck! I feel for you, hon. Those last few weeks are the worst.
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In general, and almost always, patients with musculoskeletal pain seem to feel relief from local application of heat - heating pad, moist heat, etc. There always seems to be conflicting theories on ice v. heat but I always favor the latter.
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I know many women who have gotten good relief from visiting a chiropractor. But make sure they treat a good number of pregnant women and are familiar with your particular situation. The support belt is also a good idea. Other than that watch your posture, use your arms to raise from a sitting or lying position when you can and take good gentle care of yourself.
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I have also experienced this, to the point where I ended up on crutches just to get around to any reasonable degree. Here are some links that you might find helpful: 1, 2, 3, 4. Please note, above all, that separating your legs should be avoided to the extent that you can. It would be best to avoid squatting and bending, as well. Stairs are hell on your pelvis, so take care there. In general, don't do things that hurt.

The belly support was mildly helpful. I ended up with two: the cheaper one that just slings below your abdomen, and a more expensive one that actually has straps that go over your shoulders. The second worked much better.

I found the combination of silky sheets and satin PJs to be a life saver at night.

Do your Kegels and pelvic tilts. Swimming is a great way to get exercise when you can't bear your body weight.

Look into alternative birthing positions. Lithotomy is just about the worst position you can use when you have this pain. Squatting should be right out, too.

Realize that you may be in pain afterwards. I'm a week out from giving birth, and just sitting on the toilet is excruciating. An abdominal binder, placed nice and low, helps. Hopefully, with some stabilizing exercises, I'll be able to walk around and carry my baby before long.

Please do email me if you have any questions.
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