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I need good hip hop Podcasts...

I collect and listen to a lot of hip hop, and I've started to get into Podcasting ever since I found out that Diplo had started doing one. The problem is, I can't seem to separate out the good from the bad with just Itune's awful search feature, and I don't have time to wade through all of them myself. I know there are some hip hop heads that lurk on Mifi, so hook me up.

I currently subscribe to: Avatar Records, Braggin' Rights Radio, ExtravaGangster, Goodshit Hip Hop from Oslo, the IndieFeed cast, Mad Decent, Stones Throw Records and The Mixtape Show.

I'm looking for: Pretty much anything, with an emphasis on local underground, foreign, rare or strange hip hop.
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You don't already listen to WeFunk?
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solid steel
posted by randomstriker at 5:43 PM on June 5, 2006

endemik music's END cable radio digital satellite KILL podcast via iTunes
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Coffee 2 Go on WFMU (the longest running freeform station in the US), has a podcast. From the description:
WFMU's underground hip-hop podcast. When it comes to hip-hop, radio either supports the major label funded sounds or the independently released up & comers. Where do unsigned acts go? Look no further; “Coffee 2 Go” is THEE spot to drop your most raw and grimey unmastered demos!
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I couldn't find a link to any podcast on rapstation nor did their "radio broadcast" link lead anywhere. While not quite a podcast, I stream beatbasement at work all the time.

Definitely some other cool links above. Thanks, all!
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Peanuts & Corn Podcast
posted by boost ventilator at 7:43 PM on July 9, 2006

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