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I am going to an 'Evil Costume Party' tomorrow night. Help me to show up looking sufficiently evil.

My friend is hosting an evil costume part tomorrow night and I haven't really done anything to prepare and I don't currently have any evil ideas. I don't have to work today or tomorrow so I have time to prepare, I am willing to spend a little money, but not an obscene amount. My friend and his friends are metalheads so I will have some serious competition in the evil department. I am a twenty year old female, if that helps with suggestions at all. Thanks!
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Are you petite? If so, the old "dead little girl in a white nightgown" look is always a winner.
posted by saladin at 10:30 AM on June 5, 2006

Just dress normally but wear an evil Spock beard.
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Halliburton T-shirt?
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Dress up like a cheerleader. Walk around the party introducing yourself as "Tiffany" and telling everyone about the new convertable your daddy just bought you for your sweet sixteen. Find someone hiding in a corner looking lost and out of place, and mock him mercilessly for his uncool clothes and lack of friends. You will out-evil even most metal of the darklings throwing this party.
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What junkbox said, except go as a zombie cheerleader.

Zombie adds that extra touch of evil to any outfit. It's like the saffron of the evil kitchen.
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okay, total cliche but - get a President Bush mask. or if you can find one, a Dick Cheney mask.
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Best answer: The metalheads may have the “outrageously evil” end of things wrapped up, but you can outflank them by going with something a little more subtle. Remember, evil comes in many forms.

Some suggestions:

Wear a suit, carry a briefcase, and identify yourself as an IRS auditor.

Use this logo to make a nametag identifying yourself as a Dept. of Vehicle Services employee and insist that people fill out forms in triplicate before talking to you.

Go as a spoiler. Wear a t-shirt that says “Snape kills Dumbledore,” and a hat that says “The chick in the Crying Game is actually a dude.”

You get the idea.
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Dirt cheap solution = white t-shirt with "EVIL" written on the front with marker.

If they were Trekkies/Trekkers, I'd second the Evil Spock Goatee.
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What. The. Fuck. Dude? Not all of us have read that far...
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truly evil, dersins. truly.
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dersins - thanks, I'm 200 pages from the end of Harry Potter #6.

Go as dersins. spoiler. ugh.
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gold t-shirt + yards of dark red cloth = lama

Pretty fucking evil to show up to an evil costume party dressed as the dalai lama.

Alternately: pope
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avril lavigne?
super-straight hair, lots of eyeliner, wife beater tank, tie, etc
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Wear a t-shirt with "V1agra C|4lis L0w L0w pr1ces!!!"

"Hello, my name is Charles Taylor..."

"Re: your bank account #0045167"
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One of the Tachmonites?
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Nice and simple: Devil with a blue dress on.
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Wear blackface. Not that being black is evil, but a white person wearing blackface is asking to be treated as evil. And, it's funny. Ask Ted Danson.
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hahahaha dersins i love it.

I vote go as the little chick from the ring. SHe's mega evil. White plain dress and maybe a wig and you're done.
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Bert from Sesame Street? Rumor has it that he’s evil.
Ann Coulter? Wear a big blond wig and a business suit and come armed with Coulter quotes.
Heh, dersins - Harry Potter spoiler shirt
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Profess surprise and chagrin when people ask why you are dressed as this guy.
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I'm all for IRS auditor. Especially if you carry around a little pad and a retractable ballpoint pen. "*click* Those are pretty nice earrings. I guess you did pretty well for yourself last year. What was your name again? And your social security number? And the amount entered on line 22 of last year's 1040 form?"

Or go as Barney or a Teletubby. Those characters are pure evil.
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Response by poster: dersins -- so evil! Thanks for you help everyone. I just drew up a t-shirt that reads "snape kills dumbledore" on the front and "rosebud is a sled" on the back. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone.
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