Where can I find a zine called Parlez-vous Codefucker?
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Trying to find a copy of the Huggy Bear-related british zine Parlez-vous Codefucker.

Anyone have any ideas for finding copy/ies (or even just primary versions which could be photocopied) of the zine Parlez-vous Codefucker? Written, I think, by Huggy Bear's Chris Namor, ca. 1993ish. Googling is very sparse indeed, and to be honest I'm not familiar with zine networks or where things like this might be findable. Anyone more familiar with that scene able to help me out? Oh my heart would burst with gladness if someone could point me in the right direction...
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My heart bursts with gladness just knowing that a zine by that name once existed.
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My goodness I love Huggy Bear. Taking the rough with the smooch is pretty much my favorite 10" of all time. (Sorry Perfect Sound Forever.)

I'd be very interested in seeing this as well.
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Do you know about the Sara Dyer Collection (of zines by women and girls) that’s housed at Duke University? If you don’t hit a bulls-eye here at AskMe (and you probably will), I’m pretty sure the librarians there would be able to give you some detailed information about where to go looking (they’ve almost certainly got some Huggy Bear-related material in that collection).
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Apologies, that should have been Sarah Dyer.
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I don't mean to date myself or sound ignorant, but I am about to...Isn't Huggy Bear the name of that cat on Starsky and Hutch? He has his own zine?
Is this a band named after that guy or was the guy on the show named after something else?
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Response by poster: Huggy Bear
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The Her Noise exhibition at the South London Gallery last year featured a library section with records, books, zines, etc. I don't remember seeing this particular zine, but there was lots of printed ephemera from the early 90s there, so pehaps contact the curators.
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