Please, please save my treo.
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I've got a treo emergency.

Ever since the charger that I used for my treo 600 came apart, I've been using an iGo wall-charger with the A26 power-tip to charge it up. Today, however, the tip bent as I was removing it, lodging a little piece of the tip within the power supply connector. How the heck do I remove it without damaging the phone? There's no way for me to charge it with that inside, and the phone is already dead for the moment. Is there a way to do it soon? (I really don't have time to see a professional unless there's absolutely no other way.) Has this happened to anyone else?
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A bright light, magnifying glass secured in place, and the smallest damn tweezers you can get? I've had lint lodged in my 600's connector that needed a bit of tweezing to get out, but that's it.
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I think Sedio makes an external battery charger (and battery). Downside - the damn cover.
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I had a similar problem. Splitting the whole phone open yourself isn't hard. I'm not sure offhand on a 600 if that'll give you the proper access to the inside of the power connector, but if it doesn't I'd say you need professional help.
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