So many USB chargers, so little space.
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I have a USB charger for my phone and another for my MP3 player. Can I use one for both without fear of damaging my two most favoritest electronic devices?

Nothing I found in AskMe seems to address this question, so I thought I'd blow mine on it.

Both my phone (HTC Hero) and MP3 player (Creative Zen X-Fi) have chargers that fit one another's ports. Can I carry just one, use it for both, and cut down on the amount of cords taking up space in my bag? Is one preferable to the other?

And what about that USB car charger I bought for the MP3 player? Can I use that on the phone too?

Thanks be to MeFi.
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Yes, it's fine. This worked fine for me when I had a HTC TYTAN II and my old Sansa mp3 player.
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Cat Pie Hurts is correct.
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Yeah, it should work, but won't always. We have a portable GPS that refuses to charge with my iPhone adapter. I always assumed it was an issue with the adapter not supplying enough current; interesting to hear it might be a deliberate asinine decision.
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IF its a mini usb connector then you shouldnt have a problem but i used to have a dell dj mp3 player that used a mini usb connector but was wired a tad different and wouldnt charge.

try it the worst that will happen is the creative mp3 player wont charge.
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Come to think of it, my old Blackberry 8700c wouldn't charge off of a non-BB wall charger, but it WOULD charge via USB<>computer. Regardless, it won't harm your devices to try.
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