setting up a stereo system using my laptop as a music source
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Question about setting up a stereo system using my laptop as a music source [more inside].

For the past 2 years, I've been playing music through my laptop using winamp which I have connected to a stereo receiver with 2 speakers hooked up to it, but I want to do 2 things:
1) Somehow make the connection between my laptop and the stereo wireless. Right now, I have an output from my microphone jack on my laptop which I split into two stereo wires hooking up into my stereo. I'm curious if there's a wireless adapter that would send a stereo signal from my laptop that can be received at my stereo? I have like 5,000 wires right now and its kinda' annoying.
2) I'm looking for a decent, but cheap subwoofer (then again, whe don't those 2 themes go together). I'm looking to spend less than $100 on a hopefully decent sub. Only problem is I've heard that you need a sub-in on a receiver, and all I have is the spliced-wire inputs. Will this be a problem with getting a sub? I'm not exactly an audiophile, but just looking for some extra sub-power seeing as my 2 hand-me-down infiniti's are starting to loose their touch.
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like this?

Using wireless ethernet to make the connection will make you much happier than some sort of FM modulator.
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I have these Altec Lansing Speakers. They have a Sub. They're computer speakers, so they're driven off a mini-jack (no reciever required). They sound pretty good given the price.
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Stereo-link sells a number of devices to connect your computer to a stereo; there are other makers but this is thefirst one I could find. It's not wireless but might be worth a look. I am thinking of something like this so I can just copy all my CDs onto one hard drive then feed it into my stereo.
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I use a Xitel HiFi link to connect my laptop (via USB) to my stereo. The sound is better than using the built-in sound chip, and it comes with something like 30 feet of good-quality minijack-to-RCA audio cable. Not wireless, though.
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Best answer: I have a SLIMP3 (they now do a wireless version called Squeezebox) but it's not necessarily the answer to your prayers. The disadvantage of SLIMP3 is that you're stuck with MP3s... these days there are so many great music services out there such as Rhapsody that you might not want only to stream your MP3s; you might want to stream from the new Napster, etc.

It's not 802.11b - in fact I think it works just over RF - but the RCA Lyra Wireless Model RD900W allows you to stream audio through the house and control services like Rhapsody with a remote.

You can get wireless TV senders which do roughly the same thing. They cost about $60- $100 and can send video as well as stereo sound. Put one by your computer and the other by your stereo.

What if you want to control your main computer at the same time? I'd suggest setting up on your main PC and then using another 802.11b laptop or Pocket PC as a remote control.

A final cheap and simple option is just to buy some wireless speakers. A few companies make wireless speakers which you can pick up and take anywhere you like.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips all...Giving me some ideas here to play with over the break now that finals are over with!
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Does the Slim Devices Squeezebox handle iTunes M4A files as well as it handles MP3s? Anyone who actually uses one of these things with OS X and iTunes 4 care to weigh in?
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