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Travel[+Insurance]Filter. I have medical (50% cost) + Emergency Repatriation coverage for a 10 week trip to Central America. Should I have anything else? If so, where can I get such a custom policy? Any last minute advice on destinations as well?

I’m off to Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua to learn Spanish and see mayan sites, mountains and dive off coast [wohoo!]. I may go on to Costa Rica and Panama or head back into Belize or Mexico.

My question is this: Should I get more insurance?

I have $150k repatriation insurance through my employer. My US health insurance pays 50% of out-of-network costs for any procedure, no matter where it’s conducted.

I’m traveling with <$750 of gear total (bag, camera, clothes, books etc) and will be staying fairly low rent in cities, jungles etc. I have my shots and meds ready. My travel plans are v. flexible, so I don't know dates or when I'll buy my tickets during the 10 week period.

As a bonus: any suggestions on places to go or last minute advice for that part of the world?
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You can get coverage from statravel if you want it.
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We got our insurance through AccessAmerica for a trip to Belize last year. As you probably already know, the important thing is that you are able to be airlifted out in case of serious medical emergency, since local services are not first world. The $150k repatriation coverage should work - we had $300k but there were two of us traveling. The coverage we purchased also provided $25k emergency medical and dental benefits. This, along with various other coverages for travel delay, lost luggage, etc., cost $65 for a one week trip. If anything, I'd see if you could get a policy to cover the 50% gap in your medical coverage.

And yes, I would suggest Belize, specifically Caye Caulker. It's a laid back, small island that offers excellent snorkeling and diving.
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Absolutely get real insurance. It isnt expensive at all and could make a huge difference if something happens. I usually get it through these guys . I just checked and you can get $1M medical with a $250 deductible for $128 for 2 months, adding their sports coverage makes it $153. You can always extend the insurance over the internet if you stay longer as well.
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Sorry, wrong link. This is the correct one.
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Best answer: Here's a good discussion on the Thorn Tree forums regarding travel insurance.
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