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Quick & healthy food pairing suggestions?

In an effort to adhere to a better diet, I'm looking for additional food pairings that are (1) fairly healthy, (2) quickly and easily-prepared, and (3) good-tasting.

- apple slices + peanut butter
- toast + honey + banana slices
- cottage cheese + pineapple chunks
- wheat crackers + gouda (or other) cheese
- tomato slices + mozzaralla

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Try here.
posted by trey at 11:26 AM on May 30, 2006

Granola + berries + yoghurt
Grilled chicken & broccoli
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cannellini beans + canned tuna (with a little light vinagrette)
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(or even better vinaigrette)
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grilled chicken breast w/ grilled asparagus. 5 minutes of prep, 10 minutes of cooking.
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cottage cheese + any fresh fruit

pear or apple slices + cheddar cheese

whole grain cereals + fresh fruit + milk
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pesto + boiled egg noodles
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If you'll allow an indulgence of 3 ingredients... My Mom used to make a dish called Peas, Rice and Cookoos. The firts two ingredients are self explanatory, the cookoos could be any other leftover that could be chopped small and stirred in. we've had ham, chicken, green or red bell pepper, scrambled egg. Yummy.
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hummus & celery (or any other crunchy veggie you like)
taboule & oat bran pitas
laughing cow light cheese & apple slices
cottage cheese & fresh blueberries *

* utter heaven
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Salmon + orange juice + broiler = win
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Get laban (or, if you are near a Trader Joe's, their Medditeraian style yougurt is actually laban) or make it (put good yougurt in coffee filter in Mellita filter over glass or coffee pot, put in fridge overnight, stuff left in filter is laban). Swirl on a plate. Sprinkle dried thyme on top. Pour a bit of good olive oil on top. Add a few good olives, if you have them. Eat with good pita bread.
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Low fat Wheat-Thins and grapes. Somehow the two, eaten together, create a sublime new and delicious taste in the mouth.....
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