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Please find me examples of vehicles which have V24 engines.

I found a prototype V24 Maybach, but I'm especially wondering if there are any such vehicles actually in production. I think there could be locomotives or boats or giant trucks with such an engine.
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A quick Googling reveals a few airplanes that had V-24 engines. The Macchi M.52 had one that "proved to be dangerously unreliable." The Fisher P-75 prototype also had one that apparently generated 2885 hp.

I've never heard of a personal transportation vehicle that had one; the 185 hp 1932 Cadillac V-16 stands out in memory as the most cylinders on a production automobile.
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Heavens, don't miss this.

From the auction description:

1954 Seagrave
Worlds largest hot rod with a V24 engine, 22 foot long, 5 speed with overdrive. Covered with fur.

That's right, COVERED WITH FUR.

I think your shopping is done, you manly man sir.
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but can it corner?
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WW2 fighter aircraft. See pretty photo. Or you could look at a motorcycle instead.

PS - Or you could search Google.
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Response by poster: ZakDaddy, none of those are V engines.
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Response by poster: kickingtheground, according to this site, the 797 has two v12 engines.
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Response by poster: Thank you to ikkyu2 for great finds!

Regarding the 797, this description says: The 797's powerplant is essentially two V-12s lashed together with integrated intake, exhaust, and turbocharger systems.

Depending on how they're arranged, I guess it could still be considered a V24. Maybe?
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Are you kidding? First hit on that page is a *double* V, which is even manlier. Cue Tim Allen grunting. Or maybe an X-24, although apparently that never made it into production. What's this obsession with V, anyways?

Although these boats are nice.

To that end, I hereby submit for your review the following Google search:

Click Me
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Response by poster: Those boats do not have V24 engines, they are 24 feet long.

I did that exact google search before posting this and I've looked at all those links already!

X24 is not V24!

I just wanted to see if there were actual V24 engines because they seem really ridiculous.
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Phooie. That'll teach me not to read.

Slightly off-topic:

The Most Powerful Diesel Engine in the World!
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You're not likely to find much because even if you needed the power, an engine with less cylinders would be better. Lots of cylinders are nice because they provide a more even delivery of torque. But that torque is transmitted by the crank shaft, which is inherently weak because of its stepped shape. The front of the crank only has the torque of 2 cylinders on it, but the back has all 24. Better to have less, but larger cylinders. And of course, less horsepower is robbed by the friction of all those valve lifters, etc.
With modern technology, you can get all the usable horsepower (which I define as the ability to spin the rear wheels at any speed) for a passenger vehicle out of a lightweight aluminum V8, for instance this guy sells an aluminum v8 that has put out 2800 horsepower (on a dyno with lots of boost). Check out his customer's cars.
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Thanks for the links to those wacky Pontiacs, supermag.
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