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Can this contact lens klutz re-use a lens?

During a meeting yesterday, I rubbed my left eye, moving my contact. I tried to reposition it, but vision got worse. I assumed the lens popped out as I didn’t see it on table, floor, clothing or even somewhere on my eye.

I assumed it was gone, never to be retrieved until this morning, when I saw the lens in the lower part of the inner corner of my eye (close to my nose). So, I managed to leave it in over night, but it wasn’t on my cornea – it must have slipped under the eyeball itself and freed itself over night. I removed it, cleaned it very well, and there it sits in clean formula.

I plan to clean it several times the next few days and inspect its condition, but is it safe to wear again? It’s a soft contact, of Ciba O2Optix kind, if that has any bearing.
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As long as it was in your eye and staying moist, it should be fine. My advice is put in an see if it feels comfortable. You can always take it back out.
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I'd use it again after giving it a good cleaning.
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It wouldn't have come to much harm in your eye. As long as it's not torn or visibly damaged just use it as normal.

I have had this happen to me a few times, and had no problems. It turned out the lens size was slightly wrong for me. If this happens again, get examined/re-fitted, otherwise write it off as a fluke.
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Not a problem at all. It's in the same condition as if you were to have left it on overnight ... because that's basically what happened.

Clean it up and wear it happily.
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it's fine. contacts are pretty hardy as long as they're not scratched or torn. i once left my contacts in a paper towel out in the sun (don't ask). they were dry and wrinkled and hard as glass. i put them in solution overnight and prayed. in the morning they were good as new. it's just plastic.
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