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Where to look on line for deals on cruises?

Friends of mine want to take a 4-Dayer from Long Beach, CA to Ensenada in July. Others have told them of travel agencies that have good deals, but have yet to come up with any numbers/addresses. Was wondering if anyone knows of a site like Kayak, or such. Anything beats going to the cruise line directly. Thanks!
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I found the best cruise travel agency ever - Only Fun Vacations, based out of CA. The rep there was Ron Kinkade and the phone number is 888-665-9386 x6314. I found him on some cruise message boards and got an AMAZING deal on my last cruise. My parents cruise all the time too and have used him as well because he has such good rates.
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I've used Pavlus Travel before. Nice people and they give you back most of their commision.
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Check out Cruise Critic and sign up for their newsletter. I seem some great deals come by from time to time.
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