Problem with my air conditioner
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My airconditioning (which is new) makes a strange noise when it starts/stops.

We just moved into a new house. The air conditioner makes a strange noise when it starts and stops. I'm not sure entirely how to describe it. Think of a pillowcase with a half dozen pieces of silverware in it, and drop that on a carpet or something. Sort of a muffled clinking sound. Or, if you have babies, think of the sound a crib makes when you release the front side of it, and it slides down onto the springs.

It does this both when it starts and stops (I believe). I haven't been up to look at it but I would not know what to look for anyway. I am fairly handy so if there is somewhere I can look to get a good idea of what to look for, I'm up for that.
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It's probably the compressor starting and stopping, which can sometimes be pretty loud. If it is a new house, the AC should still be under warranty, so why not have the person who put it in check it out?
posted by TedW at 10:29 AM on May 23, 2006

if it's central air then it might be the fan. check to see if you hear it when you turn on the heat, too.
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