Fix a dent in my new painting
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How can I fix a dent in my new painting (oil on canvas)?

My wife and I just bought a new painting (approximately 30" x 40"). I set it on a table leaning against a wall. Our three-year-old daughter knocked it over onto a bottle, putting a dent right in the middle of the painting.

Is there a way to fix the dent so it's not so noticeable?
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Howabout some tape across the dent on the back to straighten it out. I would say use duct tape, because its stiff and it'll stick for a while, but that might be too tacky (ha!).
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Best answer: Use hot water and a sponge on the back of the painting, around the area where it's dented. It'll tighten back up.
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Yep, the hot water trick works. But if you really love the painting and/or it cost a lot, a professional restorer would probably be a safer bet.
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