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Why does Blogspot's "Blogthis" work fine when I click on the example link at 's help section, but not when placed as a link in my favorites folder?

My pop up blocker is off. my IE Security is at Medium. I am logged into my blogspot blog. I also downloaded and tried a right-dick script for it- no luck. I don't even get the Pop up Javascript window for it. Absolutely nothing happens. Yet, when I click the link ("drag this to your links bar") at the site, it pops up immediately. Why, oh why!
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Can you not click the link and just bookmark it while you're at the page you want bookmarked, without dragging it?

I wonder if it is a special internal link or something so that it wouldn't normally work when not clicked from the site, such as making it "/directory/filename.html" instead of "" that, when clicked on outside of the original page, tries to run the link locally?
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I found what you were trying to link -- the link isn't for your favorites folder, it's for the taskbar space.

In MSIE, you can left-click on the taskbar (gray-colored area area with File, Edit, View, etc) and opt to show or hide a "Links" section, and is seperate from the bookmarks section.

In Firefox, it's called the Navigation Toolbar and by default has the items "Getting Started" and "Latest Headlines" in it already. It is *not* bookmarks. You may have to right-click on the blank gray area to the right of the File-Edit-View bar to get the checkmark option to turn it on.

The link is actually a javascript command, not a regular link:

document;y=window;if(x.selection) {Q=x.selection.createRange().text;} else if (y.getSelection) {Q=y.getSelection();} else if (x.getSelection) {Q=x.getSelection();}popw ='' + escape(Q) + '&u=' + escape(location.href) + '&n=' + escape(document.title),'bloggerForm','
yes,resizable=yes');if (!document.all) T = setTimeout('popw.focus()',50);void(0);

Try to see if you can bookmark this link instead.
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