How do you get a show on TV?
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Help me figure out the best way to get my "can't-miss" realty show off the ground.

A freind and I have come up with what we believe to be a sure fire media hit. I won't go into the specifics for obvious reasons, but our show is a sort of a sports reality thing. How should we first go about protecting our idea before presenting it and more importantly how does one approach the needed powers-that-be? I can offer more specifics of the show if asked, but up to a point. (It's not that I don't trust you....)
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I don't have experience approaching execs with ideas, but from my experience working in broadcast post production, I can tell you that you have a MUCH better chance if you can assemble a capable production and post-production team beforehand, ready to work on the show. they don't really want people coming in and saying "we have this idea, all you have to do is make it happen!" they'd rather hear, "we have this idea, we're ready to make it happen, all we need is for you to be interested in broadcasting it so we can get started and give you a remarkable product by date [x]."

again, though, I don't approach execs with shows professionally, myself.
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You can't protect the idea. All you do is be convincing that you can execute the idea better than anyone else.

So: assemble a team, shoot an episode of the show, make it beautiful, show it around, and be convincing that if you only had some more money, you'd be able to crank out 12 more episodes of the same quality in almost no time.

The "I have a great idea now help me execute" approach, as shmegegge says, will NOT work. At all. They want to see that you can execute. If you don't have that ability you need to team up with someone who does. Ideas are worth exactly nothing. This is a hard concept for people to wrap their brains around, but it is true.
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Response by poster: Great advice so far thanks.

It sounds as if I need to find a producer.

The show is dependant on a major sports league and an attention whoring owner so I'd better get cracking.
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Marc Cuban.
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Response by poster: We already had Cuban in mind, you know he's just perfect.
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Sports Realty? like Cribs?
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Realtors Jousting?
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