Where to go for Hiking near Addis Ababa
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Where should I go for hiking/wildlife-watching near Addis Ababa?

I'm going to Abbis Ababa for a conference at the beginning of June, and will have a few days (around 4) to play with afterwards. I'd love to do some trekking/wildlife-watching/camping or something of that nature.

I've heard great things about the simien mountains but it looks like that would mean most of my time would be spent getting there and back.. Any recommendations for somewhere closer to Addis? I can't drive unfortunately.

hotel recommendations also 'preciated (eg the Ghion?)
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I asked an Ethiopian friend and he said the Awash Preserve is a good place and about 4 hours from Addis. I'm not sure how easy it is to get there without a car though. Maybe there are tour buses that go?
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