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Filemaker Pro 8 Instant Web Publishing Filter: Am I doing something wrong or is it really glitchy?

I'm getting fields that I can't select online using the mouse (even though I can select them by tabbing to them). On one database the summary fields don't appear at all in the header. There are other glitchy things too. This could be the most amazing tool for my job if I could get it to run smoothly, but right now I get too many problems when I go online. Is this the nature of the beast or do I need to read something that will teach me how to do it better?

Also: Is there a way to get rid of the left frame that you see when you're viewing the database online or is that a permenent fixture? Thanks.
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FMP IWP is a good tool to quickly get database online, but it is glitchy. Some fields can't work online - some calculation and global fields, and some layouts won't work the same as they do in the actual application. There are some limits on script capability.

If you can provide some more details on the types of fields that are not working I could try to provide more specific assistance.

And, unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of the left frame.

I use a "middleware" solution called Lasso from OmniPilot that allows one to get FileMaker data onto the web in a format that is far above and beyond anything IWP can provide. (Lasso can also interface with MySQL, MS SQL, and several other databases). While it's not free like PHP, there is a strong developer base and well documented language guide.
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Response by poster: You're probably not reading this anymore but: One problem I'm having is dependant dropdown lists. For example, I have a dropdown list where principals choose the name of their school, then a second dropdown list that lists only the teachers who belong to the school that was chosen in the first dropdown list. This doesn't work at all for me online. Maybe it just isn't a compatible function.

Most frustrating of all is that some fields (just normal fields that should be editable) can't be selected online. They work just fine in the app, but online they can only be selected by tabbing into them, not with the mouse. Sometimes one or two fields will behave this way while a couple of others on the same page, with the same settings, will work properly.

Anyway - if you have any advice, I'd love to hear it. Thanks for the response and I'll check out Lasso.
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