What happened to Pearson and Shaw?
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What happened to Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw?

I have a friend that swears by a supplement formula that they developed.

I wanted to try it, and upon some research I can't find anything on these folks since 1992, only their products with life extension, and that they were pioneers in the field of energy drinks.

Were they sued or something?

In the meantime - whatever this friend is doing works, he sure as hell does not look his age...Wondering what's up here...
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This is one of the first google results and lists a bunch of supplements - a link on that page goes to a Jan. 2006 newletter of theirs.
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Thank you, yeah seems kinda minimal to me, like something put out by the vendor.

I was wondering if there was more out there on them recently, seems like not much has been written about them, a slight mention in the Wikipedia, not much more...

Has anyone ever tried their stuff?

I'm really curious, need to get into a good vitamin regimen, this looks appealing.
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Just curious - what makes you think you specifically need to get into a good vitamin regiment?
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Well, I'm 36.

I'm not feeling like I used to, seeing the signs of aging. (sigh).

I'm on the pill and I'm gaining weight much easier.

I used to party my ass off, now that's winding down. I'm not expecting miracles, just anything that could help me do a little repair.

I'm looking for the right diet/exercise plan, and I'm thinking that some supplements mgiht really help.

There's so much out there thought, I don't know what's real and what's snake oil. This gang here in ask Mefi is always good for amazing results.
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They used to sell their stuff thru Omnitrition, a MLM company
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Here's an interview from March 2006.
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