Where did "Genius of the restoration, aid in our resuscitaition!" come from?
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What is the etymology of "Genius of the restoration / Aid in our resuscitation" from The Last Crusade? Remember? Marcus and Dr. Jones Sr. do a little dance in a german tank, and Jones says "Genius of the Re-Sto-Ration!" and Marcus automatically replies "Aid in our Resus-ci-tation!" Anybody know where this came from? It smacks of inside Ivy League joke, and I want to know bad. Thanks metafilter.
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From the script:

They exchange an old University Club toast, swinging their arms at one another
and missing. Then HENRY flaps his arms and tugs his ears.

"Genius of the Restoration—"

Now BRODY tugs his ears, flaps his arms and touches his head.

"—aid our own resuscitation!"

They exchange a handshake.

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Well, the actual quote is "Dad thinks he recalls it's an old toast traditionally given at the University Club in Manhattan." Not exactly nailed-down, I'd say, though certainly suggestive. Try contacting the club.
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Um, did you even read the script snippet I posted?

They exchange an old University Club toast

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If you're talking to me, yes, I read it, and that's suggestive too. But as someone who's very picky about accuracy and sourcing, I'll believe it when I hear it from the club or see it at an official club site.
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