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I need new teeth. (For entertainment purposes only.)

I need to get a few sets of upper teeth prosthetics made. Like these, but made of a less expensive material, like simple dental acrylic.

I need to vary the size and shape of my teeth temporarily a number of times. The catch: I don't want to involve an actual dentist.

I've seen scary people on the web who make custom fangs, but they appear to make only fangs, and they also seem to be DIYers with home kits. I don't think I have the skill to make my own teeth with these kits, so I'm looking for someone (not a fangsmith) to do them for me. The question is, who is this person? I'm assuming a dental lab tech would be the right person, but how can I get one to freelance a kinda wacky job for me?

Any advice, suggestions?

(And FWIW, I already have a positve plaster mold of my teeth).

Oh, and also, I'm not trying for "horror" teeth. I just need natural-looking white(ish) teeth.
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It may help to know why you don't want to involve a dentist. Cost?
posted by trevyn at 11:42 AM on May 19, 2006

Try looking in the telephone "yellow pages" for denturists. I believe they make dentures for dentists, why not for you?
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It's probably because a dentist is required to actually make sure the dentures fit the patient. Otherwise it would be practicing dentistry without a license.
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I guess Dr. Bukk is out of the question?
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Best answer: This isn't exactly the same thing, but it should do. Unless you want to really put a lot of effort into it.
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Response by poster: I don't want a dentist, partially because of cost, partially because of time. Also, if I need more, which I may, I'd have to use more of the dentist's time for my silly project. I just want to be able to ask my "tooth artist," "hey, could you crank out another set of those teeth?

Basically, I don't need anything but Dr.Bukk-style teeth, but a) without gums and b) without the goofy factor.

Furthermore, since they're not for long-term wear, I don't need them to fit like serious dentures/prosthetics.

And for the mention of dentistry w/o a license, how does Dr. Bukk do it? Is it just because they're not fitted to a mold?
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Response by poster: Oh, I should've previewed! Tenuki, those kits would help tremendously. (The imako less so, because of the gums.) So the question is mildly revised--if I bought such a kit, how could I find someone to sculpt the teeth? A lab tech? A sculptor? Someone who's just good with their hands?
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It sounds like you need a costume shop. There's one in Toronto that has a pretty good selection of what I think you're describing. Call around to the local theatrical costume supply houses & costume rental shops.
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Best answer: Sculpting with the dental acrylic is pretty easy – especially if you have something like a Dremel. Cover your plaster cast with Alcote to keep the acrylic from sticking to the plaster. Mix up a small blob of the acrylic and push it onto one of the teeth of the cast (using rubber gloves!) and shape it into a slightly larger version of the shape you want for the prosthetic tooth. After it cures you can use sanding and polishing wheels in the Dremel to refine and polish the tooth. Once it’s done you should be able to just pop it onto your existing tooth.

Or you could contact some Vampire LARPers in your area and ask who made their fangs. The same person should be able to make what you want using your dental cast.
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