Bachelor Party in Calgary
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I am organizing a bachelor party to be held in Calgary, Canada and I could use some suggestions to increase the awesome.

I don't live in Calgary and am flying in for the first weekend in June just for this. The basic plan is to find some activity for the afternoon like a shooting range/go-karts/ATVs, then a fancy dinner, and some drinks and poker in the evening. Probably not going to include any exotic dancing in the festivities unfortunately.

One other thing I'd like to do is rent a hot car for the groom to use for the weekend so he can travel in style. Any recommendations of rental places? Thinking either luxury, like a BMW, or a sports car.
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Arrange for a local fishing guide service to take you and buddies on a float trip down the Bow river fly fishing for huge brown and cutthroat trout. You don't need to be experts: the guides show you how to do it (float fly fishing is basically called "chuck and duck") and the outfitter can usually provide tackle. People fly to Calgary from all over the world for the fishing.
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Skydiving in Calgary?
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I tried laser tag for the first time last weekend. It was fun and would be a fun starter for a bachelor night starter.

The place we went to would do day and night games. With the lasers it is cleaner than paintball so you wouldn't have to shower or change before heading elsewhere.

We had a 2 hr block for 20$ per person and the organizers put us through about 8 rounds of 'scenarios'. Quite enjoyable and the beer always tastes better after a little bit of running around. This place could take up to 24 people

A mountain setting would be nice, anywhere in Calgary would be nice.

I am in Ontario so I can't recommend any places but look up the local paintball supply place and they will probably have a course built or know where you can find one. This Place set up our time for us.
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Best answer: Here's a shooting range : The Shooting Edge

Go-karts: Grand Prix Indoor Racing Inc @ 403-219-1020

For dinner...I would suggest a steak dinner at Caesars Steakhouse

For poker/drinks, you can try any of the casino's around here, or head off to Schanks (403-253-7300) for miniputt, virtual golf, pool, video games, etc...

As for your car rental, you can try either Driving Force or Hertz.

For any other inquiries, the best place is the Telus Yellowpages.

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Response by poster: Has anyone gone to Grand Prix Indoor Racing? Are the cars decently fast or can you go around the whole track without using the brake pedal? I was recently at TBC Indoor Racing in Richmond, BC and the karts were nice and fast so I'd be interested in something like that.
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Hrm...last time I was there was 4 or 5 yrs ago, but the kart's were sufficiently fast enough for the 30 rowdy guys. It was a decent indoor course, but I'd just give them a shout and ask them.

Also, if that doesn't pan out, there are several paintball fields (both indoor and outdoor) you could try, plus there are tons of decent golf courses available, some are listed here, but if you want amazing scenery, you can't beat the courses by the Rockies (an hour west of Calgary)
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Response by poster: Hmm...just gave the go-karts a call and their number is out of service plus their website is only available through google cache. I wonder if they are still in business?
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I'll take a drive by tonight after work, and take a peek.

Here's an outdoor one, hopefully they're still open :)
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