Such A Thing As A Cool Lunchbox?
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Is there such a thing as a "cool" lunch box or bag? Not cool as in 1970s Godzilla lunch box, but one that you would carry to work and is not a lunch sack or one of the ones you always see? I like a nice design aesthetic (if possible), and I have been unhappy with the ones I have seen. Extra points for insulation and something that can fit in a briefcase if inclined.
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How about the neoprene one from Built NY? Not cheap but doubles as a placemat and the colors are nice. I've seen them at, I think, Target.
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Beware of vinyl lunch boxes and bags. They often contain lead. Here are some safer options. I would think the neoprene bags would store away in a small space if needed.
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Wouldn't the neoprene one make your lunch smell like a mousepad?
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try clickclack have been useing them for years
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Best answer: This looks nice.
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I don't know what you mean by "cool" (artwork?) but these are the best designed lunchboxes I've seen for western style lunches.

However, I really like these Indian style lunchboxes, too. They are better for carrying around soupy items. I saw a similar style that was insulated but I can't find it online.

There's a huge variety of lunchboxes here.
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Best answer: Ah, this is the insulated stacking lunch box.
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The Indian-style lunchboxes mentioned by luneray are very cool, and from what I've seen around the web, bento boxes are very popular (I'd like to get one myself). Laptop Lunches sells a version of them, though I am not sure what the plastic inserts are actually made of (if you are concerned about that). I can't vouch for their actual quality, but I post the link as an example.
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My style is admittedly retro, but I like this.
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Tiffin boxes are great, but I love those traditional US miner-style ones (the metal with the domed lid). I've got a superman one, which gets a huge amount of positive comments. No, really. Er.
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Best answer: The Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless-Steel lined Lunch Jar has intrigued me for a while.
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Best answer: I have a laptop lunch box and I love it. The containers are on the smallish side, but that helps me with portion control. I also find I eat better since I try to fill all the containers and find myself filling that last one with veggies and the like. It is plastic, but microwaves nicely, and the quality is quite good. The Bento Sleeve would nicely fit in a briefcase; it's not insulated, but the ice pack will keep it cold. To see this lunch box in action, check out the wonderful Vegan Lunch Box. I wish she would make my lunches for me. Everybody in the break room has asked me about my lunch kit, so if you don't want to attract attention this isn't the box for you.
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I'd loooooove a miners lunch pail. The cylinder type. I can't find one anywhere. It probably would help if I knew if they are even produced anymore. Ahhh details....
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I used a regular o' plastic lunch box in middle school that my mother had modified to turn into a James Joyce lunch box, complete with a Ulysses thermous. Cool, but not Godzilla-cool.
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I've gotten many compliments on my lunch bag.
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@homer: Try a search for "miner lunch bucket" (without the quotes) on eBay. There appear to be three or four that fit your description currently.
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Response by poster: Again completely impressed by all the answers - very helpful to me. I marked as best answer the ones I am considering. My thanks!
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Response by poster: Here is another cool lunch box to add:
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