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I use my ipod Mini for audiobooks. When I stop and turn the ipod off and then later turn it back on, I usually have to search for my place. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?
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Make sure you have the newest version of itunes. Right click on the track or tracks you wish to have remember your position (most likely all your audio books) and click on "get info". In the "Options" tab, check "Remember playback position".
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What format are the audiobooks in? I download my audiobooks from, and their files automagically bookmark themselves. I'm under the impression that Apple's mp4 format will do something similar (though I could be completely wrong). I do know that if I've been listening to a book, and my iPod's battery is completely drained before I re-sync with iTunes, then the bookmark isn't saved, automagically or otherwise.
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The apple mp4 format supports bookmarking (at least all the books I buy from iTunes do this by default), but if you download a podcast mp3 or audiobook mp3, you will have to enable the "remember playback position" for all the mp3 tracks.
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I use an iPod Shuffle just for my podcasts and audio books. Since you want to listen to them sequentially, you just click the big white button to stop and start the player. It remembers your current position on each mp3 file, and that position transfer between iTunes and the Shuffle. I'm surprised your Mini doesn't do this. You might want to make sure you're patched up to the latest version of both the iPod software and iTunes.

Shuffles are so cheap these days, I highly recommend keeping your music and talk (books) separate. But that's just me.
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Rockbox on iPod supports bookmarking (last played, last position and user-entered) for all audio formats.
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