Quasi-entry level jobs for professionals making a career change?
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I'm looking for companies that offer quasi-entry level jobs for professionals making a career change.

I have three years of experience in law firms, but I'm looking to move out of law (this is because I now live in Europe and the system is very different). I'm looking for European companies that offer entry-level type training programs for employees with under 5 years of experience. I've found some good international companies that offer these but I'm looking for more suggestions.

I hope you guys can lend me a hand here with the brainstorming. I don't mean to turn this into a discussion about my life decisions and career direction...just looking for companies offering these sorts of quasi-entry level training programs for young professionals with a bit of experience.

(FYI - I'm trying to sell myself as a project manager, as that is basically the best non-legal approximation of my experience).
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Spending less time searching for these programs may be a start.

If you think you are PM material, then tailor your CV to everything you have accomplished in the context of one. As long as you show initiative, drive and committment, these are fundemental in any career and the right employer will pick up on that.

I'd hire an waste disposal technician for a computer designer, if the person truly showed these things and had a shred of experience and a desire to learn more.

But don't plan on companies to just drive out a training program unless you're straight from college or have other extemporaneous circumstances (disabled, young mother, etc)...
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