"In Your Eyes" nostalgia trip
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It's 80s-music-nostalgia-filter: For sentimental reasons, I'm trying to track down versions of Peter Gabriel singing "In Your Eyes" live with Youssou N'Dour. How many versions are out there? And what albums are they on? Bonus question: Is there an "IYE" cover that beats the original? Thanks.
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Jeffrey Gaines' In Your Eyes (Live) is quite nice (iTunes link).
posted by Mr. Six at 8:07 PM on May 16, 2006

I have about 20 different versions. In my expert opinion, the very best one is on Secret World Live. Eleven minutes. Maybe one of the best tracks on any album ever.
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video of a live performance
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yeah, practically every track on SWL is earth shattering.
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Oh yeah, second the Secret World Live recording.

I swear that when I was listening to that track in my car, both the female passengers orgasmed when the singer with the bass voice started.
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Singer-songwriter Jeffery Gaines has had an interesting history covering this song.
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Third on the Secret World recording, the whole album is fantastic.

And to think I had great tickets for that tour and my girlfriend broke up with me a few weeks before and kept the tickets.
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I'm not sure where you could find a recording of it -- surely it is somewhere -- but Jennifer Nettles (formerly of Soul Miner's Daughter, then solo, now with Sugarland) used to do a soul-seering rendition of "In Your Eyes" at her live shows.
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If you had an email in your profile, I could have sent you a file....

And beowulf, she really really done you wrong. I went to a bunch of those shows and they were simply amazing.
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Episode # 165 of Brian Ibbott's Coverville podcast has an a cappella cover of the song done by The Brown Derbies. I listened to this episode a while back, and my recollection is that it was well done.
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CunningLinguist rocks. Extra good karma for you!

Beowulf: Been there. Gave my only ticket to my ex-boyfriend for his birthday. Live and learn.
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