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Leather shoe repair with putty?

I've been wearing the same sort of boots for about 10 years, I'm on my 3rd pair. They are great but about two years into each pair they develop a tear in the stress point on the instep side of the toe, right where it bends as I walk.

Last time I brought them to the shoe repair place in the 53rd and Fifth Avenue subway stop in NYC, and they repaired the rip with some sort of putty. It worked perfectly - invisible, flexible, strong.

NOW, however, I live in Texas and the shoe repair place that came most highly recommended tried to sew up the rip and that worked as poorly as I thought it would. Any idea what this magical putty is, and if it is the sort of thing I can do myself?

Sending them to NYC for fixing has occured to me but the hassle + cost of repair + cost of shipping = ask.mefi.
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