I have an Apple iBook. Advice on getting an all-in-one scan/copy/print device for it?
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I have an Apple iBook. Advice on getting an all-in-one scan/copy/print device for it?

Specifically, I've got a one-day-only opportunity to get an HP OfficeJet 1210 for a steal. Is this even compatible? Should I wait for something else?

I don't do photos, this would mostly be for home office use, and for a small business start-up.
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In general, my advice would be "don't." A device that does all of the above is very unlikely to do any of them particularly well. That said, for the ninetyish bucks the that the 1210 goes for at full price, your "a steal" would have to be about 30 or 40 bucks to make immediacy and price your driving factor here.

If you don't do photos you will probably be far happier with an inexpensive LED or laser printer. Ink jet printers cost a lot of money over time in terms of consumables and the output is somewhat less professional and durable. Combine a small-engine LED printer and an inexpensive scanner and you already have all the pieces to scan/copy/print, but without watching expensive ink steadily drain away.
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Yeah, I've heard the all-in-one devices don't do any single thing very well, and you're better off using single purpose devices that are designed for it (if quality of output and experience are important to you).
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We have an all-in-one HP 7100 in the office (print-scan-copy-fax) which does all jobs acceptably well, but I'm not sure about the 1210. Here's a CNET review, though.
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Ditto on the laser printer. Cost per page over time winds up being much lower, and even as good as inkjets are, I think the text output from a laserprinter looks better.
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I can echo the "jack of all trades, master of none" comments. Unless there is a compelling reason why you need to (perhaps you live in a caravan and have no space or something), you will always be disappointed with what you get, particularly with regard to scanning.
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Thanks for the feedback. The 1210 is going for 50 bucks, but I can also get a deal on other electronic office equipment - the company I work for is a "preferred customer" with a local office supply store that's being bought out. They're unloading all their inventory in a special, one-day sale this Saturday.

The 3-in-1 caught my eye, but maybe I'll spring for scanner and printer.
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Let me echo the chorus to not get an all-in-one. Furthermore, I've had experience with HP's all-in-one products and the software that drives them is really poorly integrated with the operating system. Bad job all around.
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