Wireless Document Scanning - is it possible on the cheap?
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I want to scan documents over a wireless network... I see bunches of wireless all-in-one printers on the market, but I cannot seem to get a definitive answer as to whether any, all, or none of them can also scan over the wireless network. I'd like to get specific makes and models, please!

I'm space constrained and want to put a wireless all-in-one in the upstairs extra bedroom, where it will see some, but not frequent use. I'd also like to have an all-in-one with a document feeder.

This is for home use, by the way, so budget is important... want to spend $100 - $150, but will go higher if necessary...
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I have a HP Officejet J4680, and yes it can scan over WiFi. So I use it as the scanner, and the fax, for several different computers. [HP's own scan software is a power hungry instable load of crap though].
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My Canon MP990 scans over wifi, as well as from its control panel, or a wired connection. I don't use the fax feature, so I don't know about the document feeder.
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I have a Canon Pixma MP620 (similar to spasm's) and I love it. All you do is install Canon's software on any computer on the network you want to use and you can scan and (obviously) print over wi-fi. The software works very well. However, you can only scan one document at a time since it is just like a regular flatbed scanner -- not exactly sure if this relates to your need of a document feeder.
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I've got an Epson WorkForce 600 and it scans and prints over wifi. The 610 is the current model.
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also, they both have an auto document feeder.
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My Epson Artisan 800 will scan and print over wifi.
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The Officejet 6500 wireless version does it.
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My HP M1522f (b/w laserjet multifunction) does. I got it on sale at staples for around $330. I've only used it on my Mac and it scans as long as I'm on the network. Installed from CD and it has an application that actually works and doesn't get in the way. Very shocked as its an HP and they're usually the bloated of the bunch. I doubt the Windows software is this lightweight.

Note that this is a wired model, so its wired into my home network and I'm just using my laptop wirelessly. It has a document feeder (50-sheet) and a bypass tray I can print envelopes on. I went laserjet because inkjet ink is outrageously expensive and I never print photos. HP (and the others) aren't in the business of selling printers, they're in the business of selling ink. Also, I print very irregularly and my inkjet ink always dried out by the time I needed to use it again; laser toner doesn't do this.
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