Are stickers likely to be full of PFAS?
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The boilerplate in a recent article on PFAS-and-siblings sounds like they would make better stickers, but first searching found me a list of PFAS-free that doesn't include any kind of stationery. Anyone know?

Obviously a link to PFAS-free sticker printing would be great. Bonus: if they are likely all full of PFAS, is masking tape any less likely to be PFASsy? Glue stick? Color printing on non-sticky paper?

What's the most compostable labeling technique?

Difficulty: needs to attach to wax boxes in the food system and "look professional".
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Response by poster: The backing paper, frex. The glossy waterproof fronts. Any vinyl stickers.

Also, the casual description of what PFAS are good for included a lot of paper qualities, so clearly they don’t impede fiber to fiber adherence much. Very large class of complicated molecules, PFAS.
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I think it's impossible to find a sticker free of any per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, and it's also unlikely your food wrapping is. Most people who advertise that they are PFOA or PFAS free are referring to a specific compound and not the class.
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Response by poster: Posting further search results for later users -- this is food related, not sticker related, but a WA state report suggests that both wax and clay coated paper can be replacements for PFAS food containers.
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