Yet another "what book is this" question
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I'm trying to remember the title of a book I want to read! I believe it was in translation, set in a Northern European country, I think I read a review in the New Yorker within the last few years.

So the premise is basically a woman goes outside to do something and discovers she is now trapped alone in a sort of bubble and has to survive within that space. It's snowy and foresty? Unsurprisingly searches involving "bubble" and "trapped" are not getting me anywhere. I think the author is a woman. Does this sound familiar to anyone???
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Best answer: Is it The Wall? It's an older book, but I learned about it from an article a couple of years ago, so maybe we read the same one.
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Response by poster: That is totally it!!! Thank you!!!
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Yay! It's a great book - I hope you enjoy it!
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The movie based on the book is also excellent.
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