Where to play DDR around Seattle, WA
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The D&Bs nearby don't have Dance Dance Revolution, but are there other arcades in or around Seattle, WA that do?
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It's apparently pretty hard to find a classic DDR rig in Seattle. I know a local software company whose manager refurbished a water-damaged one he found on Craigslist (by himself, on weekends) as a "ship gift" for his team. But obviously it's not available to the public. Other than that one I haven't seen a DDR in a public place in years.

THAT SAID, a local Yelp search in the Seattle area for "Dance Dance Revolution" turns up a handful of mentions. I'd call around to the establishments mentioned and see if they still have them out.
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Somebody wrote a DDR Finder app, though it seems to backend to that zenius-i-vanisher site. Looks like Gameworks is the best bet. There is also apparently a discord for DDR scenesters if you want to ask.
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Response by poster: Gameworks went under.
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Gameworks went under.

The Seattle location has been back for well over a year now.
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Response by poster: That's great to hear!
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I saw one at Round1 in Tukwilla, but it was a few years ago.
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