Best way to get Just Dance on Nintendo Switch
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My daughter got a refurbished Nintendo Switch specifically to play Just Dance, having exhausted all the titles for the Wii. She was planning to get Just Dance Unlimited, which is supposedly all tracks for a yearly subscription. But now it appears that JDU is discontinued? What's her best option today for the most tracks for the least money? We're in the UK if that makes a difference.

The Nintendo eShop only sells the latest JD, very expensively. I see on Amazon you can buy earlier JD yearly editions for much cheaper that say "code in box". Are these safe to buy? Is that the best way to buy earlier editions? What is the cheapest way to get the most tracks? Is there still a viable subscription option?
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JDU is discontinued for PS5 and XBox. No mention of the Nintendo Switch. JD+ is still available.
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