Experience with Rogers Behavioral Health in Philly (for teens)
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What it says on the tin - what is it like to be treated for severe anxiety/depression as an outpatient (IOP) through Rogers Behavioral Health in Philadelphia? YANMD.

After a year of "regular" medications and therapy, it's clear we need to take a big step to help a teenager who is in desperate straits. The Rogers program in Philly has been recommended by a doctor but we are nervous about it. Does anyone have any direct experience with the staff and programming at the Philly location?

Note: We are not in Philly and if we are temporarily relocating there, we are happy to go pretty much anywhere with an excellent/effective program somewhere else. Recommendations welcome.
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Rogers in Milwaukee has a good reputation. I'm not sure how much that translates across regions.
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Rodgers has a decent reputation in Chicago too. IOP is group therapy during the day that is 100% voluntary. 12 hours is the norm but some do up to 16 in a week. Anything more than 20 is going to be a partial hospitalization program. The program should be short term ( 4 to 12 weeks but this will vary with patient progress and insurance).

Overall it shouldn't be too disruptive to the teens life and if it isn't having effectiveness you can just stop. I would look for a program that is the least disruptive in terms of your teens schedule and school especially if the program goes into the next school year.
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