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In my Instagram feed I saw a story about a theater or restaurant that brought out food coordinated with what was on screen in various studio ghibli movies. I now cannot find this and really hope I didn't imagine it. Can anyone help me find the post or the place?
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Alamo drafthouse has had dishes inspired by what they're screening.
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Looks like the Alamo Draft House will be featuring several Studio Ghibli movies as part of their Special Brunch series in July and August. It doesn’t specifically say what the food will be, but it does say that in the past they’ve done food that matches with the movie.

But outside of the US: Ghibli Fest in Quezon City, Philippines: Check Out This Studio Ghibli Appreciation Festival in Maginhawa

Donna Norin Suisanbu restaurant in Nagakute, Japan. It’s near the Studio Ghibli theme park: Food From Ghibli Movies Come to Life at This Must-Visit Restaurant in Japan

As an aside, the town of Jiufen is the town Spirited Away was supposedly inspired by. The markets/tea shops/restaurants there serve a lot of the food from the movie.

Jiufen: The Real Life Spirited Away
[Video] Night Market Food Tour at Jiufen
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OK, I was able to find a Reddit post from 7 years ago where someone posted a photo of the menu for the Studio Ghibli brunch that Alamo Draft House did back then.
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Foreign Cinema in San Francisco plays a movie during dinner, but I'm not sure if they've ever played Studio Ghibli stuff, muchless timed it with the food scenes.
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Best answer: I've seen this with Spirited Away a few times over the years in London, here's one example...
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Pretty sure you're thinking of Fork n Film, which has quite a few imitators in big cities if that's not the exact thing you're thinking of.
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Response by poster: socky_puppy got it. The specific reel is here. Fork and film looks super similar but the kilig restaurant in London turns out to be the place. Thanks everyone.
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That looks amazing!
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