Elevation Nomenclature
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This drawing shows 2 elevation views of a concrete block wall. Is there architectural or engineering nomenclature to distinguish between the view broadside of the wall and the view looking edge on?
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Best answer: "Front view" and "Side view" work for me and this McGill page on projections and views in engineering design. You can also see there some alternate wording choices for how to label views, in case of ambiguity. Also the semi-standard ways of laying these multi-view graphics out.
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Best answer: So, the wall is like, for example, 10' long, the "broadside" elevation is the 10' long view; the edge on is just the single width of block that you'd see standing at the end of the wall, correct?

In my experience, elevations are generally referred to by cardinal directions or in rare circumstances relation of the side to the entry, so, either "north elevation" (or south, east, west, etc) or "front elevation" (or side, rear, left side, etc). But I don't think that's necessarily a rule as long as what you call it is clear to whoever needs to look at it. I might just go "front" and "side" for the wall drawings even if there is no particular "front" to it.

If I were documenting this wall for construction, I probably wouldn't have the side elevation - there's not really going to be much information conveyed by it unless you're putting a finish on it that doesn't match the "front". I would however, include a section through the wall showing where reinforcing and lateral ties go, and how it sits on its footing.
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Best answer: To expand on LionIndex’s response, in construction documents, both elevations should be keyed to a plan view, with elevation markers making it clear exactly what you’re looking at. It doesn’t really matter what you call them if there’s a key plan.
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Best answer: Another draftsperson basically agreeing with the above here. If I was documenting it in the absence of other coordinating plans I might call them face and end elevation or similar. It doesn't really matter as long as it's clear.
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In theatrical drafting I would call this the "elevation" for the front view and the "section" for the side view. I'm not sure if that would be understood outside of theater/scenic construction.
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In architecture a section cuts the main thing being shown, here it would show what's happening on the inside of the wall. If the view doesn't cut through anything it's not a section, it's an elevation instead.
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