Which French film invoves a train crashing into the sun?
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I'm looking for a very old French film where some characters take a train that eventually takes off an crashes into the sun.

It's really old, pre WW1 I think and I believe all of the cells were individually painted. If anyone has the title, availability or knows if it's available in the public domain that'd be helpful.
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Best answer: The Impossible Voyage.
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Also, yep, it's old enough to be in the public domain in the US. It's also available on DVD and other media.
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Best answer: Excellent response as usual.

View the film, with audio commentary at Google video
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You should definitely look at Le Voyage Dans La Lune too (also Georges Melies, sans accent). Great sci-fi movie... one of those things you look at and go, wow. pulp sci fi hasn't changed in 100 years, just gotten a little bit more subtle.
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Spoiler alert! Apparently it crashes into the sun.
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Response by poster: Apolgies for the spolier, that was the only distinguishing feature I could remember!
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Well I think you're pretty well covered here. According to Seinfeld (or some other sitcom), there's a grace period during which a book or film should not be spoiled. After that, it's pretty hard to assert "I was just going to see that! Next week!"

I'm sure it's shorter than 50 years...
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Penny Arcade seems to have the same opinion.
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I think The Usual Suspects should be immune from that rule - everyone deserves to see that one.

Le voyage a travers l'impossible? Not so much. :)
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You can download the video from megauploads here as a 39.86 mb mpeg
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