What to do with suspicious Amazon package without a label?
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Came home to a suspicious package with Amazon tape but without a label. Is this a bomb?

I came home from a picnic today with a package at the door: a medium sized brown box with amazon packing tape, but with no label. Looking at my accounts, I haven't ordered anything. When picked up, it rattles almost like a box of crayons, and seems to have something heavier inside.

I put it back outside for the time being, and am not sure whether to call a non-emergency number or just open the damn thing. I wasn't able to find much on the internet, do you have any input?

In East Coast USA.
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Well that’s weird.

Do you think someone might be wanting to bomb you?

I would call Amazon and ask. No label is pretty odd though
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I bounce through my boring old East Coast USA life believing that I don't have enemies who'd bomb me so I would open it. I also reuse Amazon boxes for other things. I'd assume that a friend, neighbor, family member, etc left a gift for me. Or sent me a gift and the label fell off. Or the neighbor received it and didn't order anything so they thought perhaps I did. I have about 2 dozen equally boring reasons for a mystery box on my porch before I get to bomb.

If you're living a vastly different life than I am where someone would bomb you, then call someone.
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Just open it up, outside, maybe wear gloves and point it away from you when you do if you're worried about some sort of prank, but... look, if you really thought it might be a bomb you wouldn't be shaking it and then asking people on the internet about it.
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could there be a cat in it?
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Just open it. It’s not a bomb. Let us know how it goes.
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Response by poster: I have an update sooner than I thought I would. My Dad came home baffled by my Mom and I's paranoia, and decided to cut a hole to look inside. And what do we find?

Pie Weights!

..and an Amazon gift note wishing many "non-slumping" pie crusts from a name we didn't recognize. It seems to be meant for a relative, but it doesn't answer the question of why Amazon delivered it without a label.

I do feel a little silly now, but better safe than sorry I suppose :) Nonetheless, it was very amusing for a sleepy Monday.
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Pie Weights For No Man
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My first thought was that it was a parcel that Amazon delivered to your neighbour by mistake, and your neighbour opened it, thinking that it was a parcel for them, but then realised it was for you, and sealed it back up again, probably feeling embarrassed about accidentally opening someone else's mail.
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Pie Weights For No Man

Pie Weights of the Carry Bean Plate
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What a rollercoaster of an AskMe! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It certainly enlivened my day!
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Just for the record, unless a box is completely sticker free, it probably has some sort of a label on it, recognizable or not. Barcodes especially, but any strings of numbers and or letters means something to the people in the know.

And it's infinite more likely the stickers came off than to be explosive
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Mod note: [oh hai, just wanted to let you know that this bomb threat thread has been added to the sidebar and Best Of blog.]
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My favourite part of this story is that you thought it might be a bomb SO YOU BROUGHT IT INSIDE YOUR HOUSE AND SHOOK IT
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