Recommendations for trimmers?
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Looking for recommendations for a pubic hair trimmer.

Anyone found one they like that has a decent battery life and doesn't nick skin?

I've been using this one for a few years now, and while it works great, the battery life is now atrocious; I can't even get through a single trim lately.

I tried this one, works ok but nicked me too much.

I'm a woman if it matters. Not interested in shavers/waxing etc.
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I like this one a lot. You can take off the guard and trim pretty close. It doesn’t nick. I like Panasonic stuff generally.
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I like this Norelco. As long as I use the guards, no nicking.
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Wahl Peanut. No nicks at all.
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How close of a trim are you looking for? If you're going for 1/8" left or so, I've been using this one for the last 15 years. It isn't a shaver, just a trimmer.

It's cheap, and the AA batteries last for a long time. Mine is purple though.
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The Meridian trimmer has been my favorite for a while now.
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Phillips Bikini Genie! Inexpensive, waterproof, cute, works great. Angled narrow head. Never got a nick from it, even using it with no guards.
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