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Banking app for kids, such as Spriggy or Commonwealth Bank's Kit, have a function where kids can earn pocket money from their parents' bank accounts by completing tasks from a chore list. Is there a similar app but for adults?

These apps generally allow kids to have a prepaid card with spending monitored by their parents/guardians, who also are the ones adding money to the card from their accounts. Amongst their many features (educational mini-games, savings challenges, etc) is a to-do list/chore list. Parents can set dollar amounts to each chore (e.g. $5 to make the bed) and when the kid marks off the chore as done, the money is transferred to their prepaid card. There are multiple ways to configure such a list, but that's the general gist.

I would like a similar setup but for adults. Ideally I could put my to-do list in there, assign dollar amounts, then when I mark those items are complete, the dollar amount is automatically transferred from my account into a separate account or a prepaid card. This would be a motivator and incentive to save for treats or other fun things while getting things done.

I can't tell if Spriggy/Kit requires you to prove that you are indeed under 18 and/or have a guardian to use the app. Kit requires a CommBank account while Spriggy is bank-agnostic but does put limits on "appropriate merchants" for use of their prepaid card. They're both Australian apps, which suit me as an Australian - though I would be open to international apps if they can work with Australian banks.

I've seen apps where you can assign points or virtual currency to a task - presumably then you can just convert those points by doing a manual transfer. But that just adds a layer of friction. I'm not sure if the kids' apps require prior approval from the parent to release the money but maybe the adult version can skip that step?
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Response by poster: Venmo doesn't work outside the US (so not anything I can access) and even if it did, I don't see what it has to do with todo lists.
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