How can I purchase a copy of The Complete Writings of Donald Judd
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Here's one for the rare art book crowd, of which I am not a member. There is a book called The Complete Writings of Donald Judd. I know because the Seattle Library lent it to me about a year ago. Unfortunately, the book came due and so it was returned, and it has since dropped out of the library's catalog.

Any rare book sleuths out there who can take me further than Google, Powells or Barnes and Noble?

Incidentally, here is a reference to the book from this bibliography.

Judd, Donald. The Complete Writings of Donald Judd. Halifax, Nova Scotia: Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design; New York: New York University Press, 1975
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Have you tried They don't seem to have a copy now, but they're a good source for tracking down rare books.
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Looks to me like the Seattle Public Library still has it. The UW library and the Seattle Pacific Library both have it as well, if you have access to either.
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jdorth beat me to it. A good site just to browse and drool.
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Another thing: though I can't recommend this as ethical, I have, in the past, borrowed a book from the public library, "lost" it, and then paid whatever fee they assessed me. Before the Dawn of the Internet, this was sometimes the only way to obtain a hard-to-find book.

Yeah, yeah. Don't give me crap. I have a book problem. So sue me!
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Bookfinder, baby, is where to go for books. Though we come up dry on this one.

BooksInPrint indicates that the book is available through Brodart. Probably print-on-demand.

If there's any chance you read French, the Strand has what looks like a French translation for $15.
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wow, this stumped biblioz. . .
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I second bookfinder. they include abe, so you get more for your search.
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Wow! Abebooks and Bookfinder are incredible resources ... thanks all!
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Another happy abe customer here ... including once when the seller said they shipped a book, it didn't arrive, I contacted the seller and got no response, contacted abe, they refunded my money. One of the things I really like about abe (versus Amazon's used) is that it's easy to sort out the books that have no marks/underlining, which is important for me.
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BTW I'm looking for Pelle Ehn, 1988, "Work-oriented design of computer artifacts," Stockholm, Arbetslivscentrum ;-)
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For best results, try AddAll. The used and secondhand books page offers a metasearch engine that currently accesses sixteen different online catalogues and databases, ranging from multi-store sites like abebooks to dedicated catalogues like the Strand and Powell's. Good for hours and hours of fun, albeit potentially hard on the wallet. The index page will land you on its new books search engine, set up for comparison shopping.
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