Found this book, then lost it again
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My brother and I are searching for a loved childhood book. He found it on a rare book website, paid for a copy, and never heard from the seller again. We're more interested in finding the book than tracking down the bum. The problem is, we've forgotten the author, and are uncertain about the actual title. It's about a boy who wants a dog, and goes to sleep (I think the night before his birthday) and has a hallucinogenic dream about a giant dog and stairways to the sky and a giant door with an inscription on it. When he wakes up, there is a real puppy waiting for him, I think as his birthday present. I remember the cover was green. It was an oversize picture book. I think the title was "The Wishing Tree" but I can't find the book under that title anywhere. I read it in the mid-60's. Thank you for your help!
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Could it be The Wish-Tree by John Ciardi?
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Response by poster: Yes! That's it--it had stayed lost to me, all for the love of a hyphen.

Thank you so much.
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