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My spouse and I are planning to upgrade from a queen to a king bed soon, and therefore we will need to buy at least a couple sets of new sheets. I'd like to take this opportunity to buy some really nice sheets that we are actively excited to put on our awesome new bed, and that will hold up well over time. Please give me your best recommendations!

Some notes about what we're looking for specifically:

Must be either cotton or linen (definitely no polyester blends).

We're not interested in flannel sheets, at least for right now.

Must have a texture that feels really nice and soft.

Must hold up well over time with repeated washing.

Either solid colors or fun patterns would be great! Probably not plain white (we have never been able to keep white sheets white, even with bleach -- they always end up getting yellowish eventually). Our style in general is kind of...quirky cozy colorful midcentury modern? (I saw some sheets at Costco recently that had little mushrooms on them and almost bought them until I realized they had polyester in them, if that helps give a clue about my aesthetic preferences, ha.)

For purposes of this question, let's say price is no object.

Thank you internet friends!
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First off, it may seem counter-intuitive, but keep in mind that high thread count doesn't always mean better/softer sheets. That said, some of the softest, nicest percale sheets I've ever had were from LL Bean. They just kept getting softer and the fabric felt so thick and substantial.

If you really want to up your bedding game, I will also recommend a wool mattress topper and wool comforter. Wool does a really nice job of temperature regulating. I'm never too hot or too cold under my wool comforter. Just like Baby Bear it's just right!
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Can't remember how I found it, but this company came up when I was looking for nice sheets: AREA.

For duvet cover I went with EMILE, for sheets ELI. In particular, the ELI is a linen-cotton blend, that feels soft and cozy like flannel, but not nearly as warm. There's a ton of different styles, and only in natural fibers.
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West Elm linen sheets are one of my favorite things in life since I got them a couple years ago.
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The consumer review folks at Wirecutter have chosen LL Bean's percale sheets as the best for years now.

If you want to leave the realm of normal-people sheets and really splurge on luxury: Sferra.
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I have never, ever slept in better bedlinen than Geismar's Classic. And it is very durable, too. I have a set that is at least 20 years old, and you can't see the slightest bit of wear. Maybe the colors are a bit too muted for you, but it is fairly easy to color cotton in the washing machine. My stepmom and aunt did it all the time in the 70s when they needed more orange, pink and brown in their lives.
Geismar's other, cheaper lines are excellent too.

This week I am sleeping in pure linen (not from Geismar, I found it at a closing sale), which is very comfortable too. It is a bit less durable than cotton or cotton/linen mixes, but it becomes so soft after a couple of washes, and is still cool against the skin.
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Coyuchi is excellent, linen and looks great.
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Quick disclaimer, for bedding, only used the linen relaxed sheets. Some of the reviews and complaints about Customer Service may be accurate but didn't have to deal with that as the sheets were fine. YMMV
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Taking your price-is no-object to heart: the most amazing bed I’ve ever slept in (sadly for only 2 nights) had Sferra Giza 45 percale sheets.

Favorites at a more reasonable price are Coyuchi, also mentioned above, and Parachute (note you need to specify if you want a top sheet included when buying a set).

In terms of fabric I’m a percale person, but linen has its merits.
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We have purchased several sets of LL Bean percale sheets. One downside is they often tear or shred after about a year of use.
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This made-in-the-USA hydrangea-pattern queen sheet set from Red Land Cotton in Moulton, Alabama is $280 but looks like it checks all your boxes.
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The Company Store always has a large selection of patterned sheets in 100% cotton. They’re having a sale right now, it looks like.
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My partner just got the Signature Hemmed Sheets from Boll & Branch and they look great, are extremely pleasant to sleep on, and feel very high-quality. Obviously only time will tell about durability, but they are clearly quality fabric. Their aesthetic is very neutral/muted, but they do have a couple pretty patterns. If they were even slightly closer to my aesthetic I'd replace all my sheets with them right now.

Some possible anti-recommendations for two brands that come up often in these questions:

Brooklinen sheet quality does not match their price. They're thin and feel quite fragile, and not particularly comfortable to sleep on. I have to admit that the set I have from them has held up, though, and they're thin and cool enough that they work well for hot nights or hot sleepers.

And I was a long-time Company Store stan but the quality of some of their sheets has dropped significantly over the years. The jersey cotton sheets are still nice and I have a set that I do not take any special care of that are still in great shape after nearly 3 years, but the Company Cotton and Percale sets I got at the same time as the jersey sheets were really thin and started fading after a few months. Can't speak to the other fabrics.
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I have the LLBean wirecutter recommended sheets and love them. I have not had one tear or shred after multiple years of use (maybe we are easy on sheets? good batches? who knows).
Sferra is the way to go in luxury sheets.
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Bedthreads linen is great quality and comes in wonderful colours
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Seconding the Target Threshhold sheets. We've got a couple of sets of them that we rotate, and they're very smooth and soft, and have held up really, really well.
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Mushroom pattern percale cotton set, other patterned cotton sets (percales; a relaxed sateen with ginkgo leaves) and a striped, relaxed linen set at Garnet Hill. GH also sells natural-fiber patterned sheets separately, to coordinate with single-color sheeting: linens section includes Botanical Garden Relaxed-Linen Sheets, "adorned with detailed line drawings of flora and fauna, from bees and birds to mushrooms and shells".
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The aesthetic is not definitely everyone's jam, but I love my Laura Ashley sateen sheets. (You can often get them seasonally on sale, too; I paid about half the list price for mine on Amazon.) They are just so soft, durable and high quality, though in fairness I have had mine for 2 years, not 10. Next time I buy sheets I'm planning on getting them from Laura Ashley, since they're only medium expensive and I think the quality is quite good, and I personally like granny prints.

If I was made of money I'd get some from Sin in Linen.
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This company makes sheets out of 100% cotton stretch knit that feel like sleeping on your softest, most comfortable cotton tshirt. Woven cotton sheets feel stiff and starchy and scratchy by comparison. Prices on website are in Australian dollars, US prices will be considerably less because of the currency exchange rate.

100% organic jersey cotton
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I love the sheets from Sister Moons - they're super soft, hold up well, and come in a variety of prints. Bonus: they're having a 40% off sale right now.
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