Hotel recommendation in Copenhagen, please
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Mr. Blah and I need a hotel recommendation in Copenhagen that's not too expensive, not a dump, and has decent access to the central train station, Köpenhamn H, as well as centrally located to tourist stuff. The only thing we need to avoid: a ton of stairs. (I don't know if it's common for Danish hotels not to have an elevator?)

We're going to Copenhagen for a few days. We'll also want to visit friends in a town about 30 min. away by train. We'll definitely visit Tivoli, but I've got zero other trip planning done so I'm just guessing "central" is the goal we're going for here.
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Scandic chain is generally s good bet in Scandinavia. See what suits. Great brekkies.
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Look at Axel Guldsmeden. It’s 2 blocks from the central train station and the prices are reasonable. The hotel building did have an elevator, we just rarely used it because we were only on the second floor.
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Best answer: just be sure, when looking at anything in Copenhagen, to adjust expectations regarding "not too expensive". With the Cityring Metro most of the city is well connected to the central station, so unless you mean "walking distance" you can look at alternatives a bit further away.
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As you seem to be planning a trip with multiple stops let me mention Motel One as a chain that covers all of Europe with reliably modern hotels. The rooms are nice albeit small and the prices are reasonable for the locations they are at and the events going at the time. They sell out regularly as a result.
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Any one of the Guldsmeden hotels is very good.

For a completely unique experience, try the Josty. It is old-fashioned in a good way. You have to mail them to ask if they have vacancies and what the price is because they only have a few rooms. It is just two stops from the main station on the metro -- so about ten minutes away.

Kanalhuset is very, very nice, but maybe there are too many stairs involved, there is no lift AFAIK. It is in a very nice area with more of a local vibe than Vesterbro, closer to the main station, which is fifteen minutes away by bus, and unusually for a hotel, locals eat at the restaurant regularly. You are very likely to meet nice people there.

Copenhagen is very expensive, but on the other hand, the hostels are very good, so it could be worth looking at them. The one on the harbor front close to the main station has spectacular views and a good breakfast, though the rooms are a bit spartan.
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Urban House by Meininger is more of a hostel. My kids and I stayed in a private room with our own bathroom a few years ago. Theres an elevator and it’s within walking distance of Tivoli Gardens.
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I was wrong, there is a lift in Kanalhuset. I highly recommend.
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Another rec for Axel Guldsmeden. There are lifts. It’s very close to the station and depending on the season, in line with mid range Copenhagen prices. Cozy and a great breakfast.
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Hotel Alexandra. Two blocks from Hovedstationen, has an elevator, and the lobby and rooms are furnished with Danish mid-century furniture and trappings. They could have done a bit better styling the bathroom the same way, though. Prices are roughly the same as Guldsmeden.

Mind that Tivoli is closed until 21st of March.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the suggestions so far!
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I've been traveling to Copenhagen for work since about 2015. Every single time I've stayed at the wonderful, inexpensive, central Hotel Østerport. It's right alongside train tracks but the soundproofing is great (but it's not for you if you need 100% silence). It's long and narrow and has elevators to get up and down from the room level to the lobby/street level.
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Hotel Amager! A couple of metro stops from the center, near Christiania and the interesting old fortifications around the harbor. Cheap and has a divey bar in which you can eat an acceptable breakfast
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Response by poster: (We ended up staying with the folks we were going to visit, but I appreciate the recs for the future.)
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