My God! It Burns! And I Love It!
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So, went to a festival of nations (a neat place full of different country's foods) and had some sort of african "meat pocket".

Which burned my innards in a most pleasant sort of way.

I think I'm certain they were these:

but it looks like they don't sell them in the bland food is the color of gray with appropriate matching taste that is Minnesota.

I know there is a place in Saint Paul that sells these (they ran the booth). God bless you West Indies Soul and your taste bud searing hot meat pockets.

But I am wondering if anyone knows someone in the Twin Cities metro area that sells these.

Or something very close.

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Jamaican Patties? I'm not from the Twin Cities area but you can make them if you want. They take some time to put together but they sure are good. Email me if you are interested and I'll try and see if I can track down my recipe.
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I'm nowhere near you... but every major grocery store in Toronto that I've shopped at sells these by the box in the frozen foods section.

Of note to others, perhaps: the veggie patties aren't good for vegetarians as there's beef tallow in the pastry.
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mmmm... Jamaican Patties. I used to buy boxes of them from a local jamaican restaurant - I think they got me through my Freshman year of college.
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You can order them online all over the place. (That was just the first google link. I'm not endorsing it.) Also search for "Golden Krust" franchises in your area.
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Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant and Bar (E. Lake Street) or Blue Nile Restaurant & Lounge (E. Franklin)? I'm not sure if they have exactly what you're looking for...but I'd guess it's in the same genre.

Are you sure you didn't have a Indian Samosa? That's what it sounds like to me, anyway, just with more of a Cornish Pastie type pastry.

And I take offense at your Minnesota food crack. I just moved to New York City, and honestly, while New York may have more choice and an unsurpassed number of restaurants/sq mile, the overall quality of Minneapolis/St. Paul restaraunts is exellent in comparison. So if you're not finding great food in the Twin Cities, you're just not looking hard enough ;)

Stick with the City Pages for recommendations.
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I'd be surprised if they didn't have them at your local Whole Foods.
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